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Bring creativity to your shows


SOLO Contemporary style

Sarah Louis-Jean, the circus artist-choreographer, performs a captivating circus act with boleadoras, deviating from traditional techniques and rhythms. Boleadoras were originally utilized as a hunting tool by Argentinian Gauchos. Holding the Guinness World Records of the quickest boleadoras hits in the world, she is one the only female performing as a solist.


This world-class act involves skillfully manipulating two small plastic balls attached to strings in various patterns while simultaneously creating rhythmic beats on the ground. Sarah has developed her own style that adds flexibility and a diversity of manipulation. The performance concludes with a frenzied finale, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Phenomenal and hypnotic.


-Solo with music / Duo

-Accompanied by a drummer (see below)

SOLO Cabaret

For Spiegeltents, cabarets, Sarah adds femininity, style, groove, manipulation, flexibility movements, with a sexy flare in her movements and costumes.

Duo Boleadoras-Drummer

Sarah can also be acompanied with a bombisto (drummer). It addsan extra layer of depth to the already impressive act, as the bombisto's percussion perfectly complements Sarah's rhythmic boleadoras routine. The combination of the two creates a truly dynamic and captivating performance. Additionally, Sarah's unique approach to boleadoras manipulation sets her apart from traditional techniques and showcases her exceptional talent and creativity. It's no wonder that her act is considered world-class and leaves a lasting impression on all who witness it.


Group Malambo Nuevo

Direction : Sarah Louis-Jean

Performers : Gauchos and 1 Gaucha 

To book (2 options)

Option 1 : 2 gauchos from Montreal and Sarah 

Option 2 : 4 gauchos from Argentina and Sarah : consider flights from United States/Europe to your country for the gauchos.

Malambo Nuevo is composed of gauchos and 1 gaucha originally from Argentina and Canada. They have performed all over the world sharing the intensity of malambo rhythms composed of boleadoras, bombo drums and zapateo feet percussion. Nuevo for the modernity as the group adds new untraditional movements  to bring novelty and modernity. 


Born in Canada, Sarah Louis-Jean, the artistic lead has danced on stages all over the world such as with Cirque du Soleil and Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver. Enjoy the new malambo!

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