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Malambo Argentina

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Options : In solo with music, in duo with a drummer, in trio with a drummer and violonist

The Argentine malambo show that we offer is a true explosion of culture and tradition. This traditional dance, accompanied by music and percussion, offers a unique and fascinating experience to all spectators. The zapateos, or foot strikes, rhythmically punctuate the dance with power and energy. The bombo numbers, Argentine drum, provide essential rhythmic support to the dance and add a fascinating percussive dimension. Finally, the boleadoras, or Argentine lasso, add a spectacular and acrobatic touch to the performance. Come and discover this exceptional dance and percussion show for an unforgettable experience!



Zapateo is a style of foot percussion originating in Argentina, commonly used in malambo dance. It involves creating rhythms and sounds by tapping the feet on the ground with precision and speed.



Experience the traditional Argentinian Bombo leguero in a captivating solo or duo act. I showcase the rhythmic power of this wooden drum while adding my own touch of flexibility and style.



As a Guinness World Record holder in the traditional Argentinian skill of boleadoras, my performance is both mesmerizing and hypnotic. I use weighted cords to create captivating rhythms and shapes.


Traditional dances

Add a touch of traditional Argentinian dance to your event with in Chacarera and Zamba. A



Bring the passion and romance of Argentina to your event with my tango performance. 

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