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Malambo Argentina: 
Boleadoras, dance and music


A 1hr show featuring many traditional circus, dance and music art. Sarah has studied Argentinian folklore and performed around the world for the last 15 years including in Argentina for 1 year. She presents a show accompanied by a drummer (and tango dancer in option) of the circus, dance and music such as Boleadoras, bombo drum, zapateo (feet percussion), animation with the audience, traditionnal music and dance : chacarera, zamba and by request : a circus act (rotating circus hoop) on an Argentinian music and/or  tango.


Discover malambo

Traditional dances

Discover Chacarera and Zamba and participate and dance too!


By request, the show can also present Weggsphere (rotating hoop), animation with the audience and tango dancers.

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