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School Workshops

As a member of the Répertoire Culture à l'école and a Graduate of National Circus School (instruction), Dance Instruction (College of Dance Australia),Sarah Louis-Jean provides theater, dance, and rhythm workshops for kids in school. With her passion for the performing arts and 15 years of experience as an instructor, Sarah creates a safe and engaging learning environment where children can express themselves creatively and learn new skills. 


Her workshops are designed to be both fun and educational, providing children with the opportunity to explore their creativity and develop important skills such as teamwork, communication, and self-confidence. With her infectious energy and enthusiasm, Sarah is a beloved instructor who has inspired countless children to pursue their passions and explore their potential in the performing arts.

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School workshops
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Cultural mediation

Cultural mediation provide information on various values, beliefs, assumptions, socio-cultural conventions, and life orientations, and help to clarify culture-specific expressions and concepts that could potentially lead to confusion or misinterpretation and reduce the gap between the art and the public with workshops.

Cultural mediation

Theme : Boleadoras, Finding our inner strength

Objective : The objective of the Inner Strength cultural mediation workshop is to help participants explore and understand the concept of inner strength, and how it can be developed and nurtured. Through interactive activities and discussions, participants will learn about various techniques for cultivating inner strength, such as mindfulness and the use of the body and movementsto express confidence. Ultimately, the workshop aims to empower participants with the tools and knowledge they need to cultivate inner strength in their own lives.

Reflections (15 minutes)
Viewing videos of boleadoras
Questions about emotional observations

Context (5 minutes)
Discussion on the concept of gauchos
History of boleadoras and malambo

Exercises (15 mins)
Walk 2 X 2 face to face
Look in the mirror
Rope exercises

Creation (25 minutes)
Design of a number with each of the elements seen

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