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Born in Montreal, Canada, Sarah Louis-Jean is a professional contemporary circus artist specialized in Boleadoras. Her World reknowned achievements includes holding the first Guinness World Records of the quickest Boleadoras hits in the World and one of the rare boleadoras female solo artist.


Boleadoras is a rhythmic percussion manipulation number on the ground floor. Two small balls attached to a rope rotate around the body and develop percussions by striking the ground. She has developed a unique and contemporary female style of boleadoras in the world combining flexibility, manipulation, dance and percussion far from the traditional gaucho style.


Sarah started dancing at the age of 3. She trained in various styles of dance in various schools and graduated from the National Circus School of Montreal in Canada, specializing boleadoras instruction. She was trained in boleadoras with dancers from Cirque du Soleil and then worked for Cirque du Soleil as a Boleadoras performer and artistic director.


She has performed on 5 continents with Céline Dion, Cirque Éloize, Circus Roncalli (Germany), KrystallPalast (Germany), GOP Show Concept, Hansa Theater, Best of Broadway, Olympic Opening Ceremonies, The Box (London), Dracula's Cabaret (Australia), Nuevo Arte Nativo (Argentina), Showgirls of the Moulin Rouge (Australia), All that Jazz (Australia), etc. She worked in research and creation with 7 fingers and appeared on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and various TV shows, movies and commercials.

Her artistic approach consists in showing ferocity, manipulation, character work, dance in a unique and intense contemporary way through movement and rhythms.

In top of being a performer, Sarah Louis-Jean is a dance coach, actress, singer and gives conferences for businesses and youth. 



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